Get the audio translator in more than 40 languages


You are not multi-lingual? No problem! Japan has created an interpreter that takes the art of translation to a whole new level. Conversations can be translated in real time in more than 40 languages. Just click on some buttons!

Do we live in a foreign country? Do you want to communicate with your new knowledge in their mother tongue? The translator will let you do all this, it’s smaller than you expect. The translation is accurate and practical! You can also use it to learn a foreign language if you like it. Use this translator and meet a lot of people.

If you travel abroad, this translator will be very useful and very practical for you to use

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Thanks to this smart innovation straight from Japan, there is no “foreign” language

In a culturally diverse world, mastering a foreign language is a desirable skill that increases your chances of finding a job

Your ability to communicate with people in your native language is a huge advantage.

, You no longer need to master or learn another language to communicate. Immediate communication in another language

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