An opportunity to work for the largest European transport company DHL without any experience or certificates


More than 1,600 jobs at DHL Global. It is a world-famous company known for its fast-moving technology around the world

There are branches in many European countries


For starters, all they have to do is get to the page at the bottom of the article

Then type in the search field for location and profession

Professions that don’t require certification or experience are messaging

Message description of goods, post and parcel delivery

The site can be accessed from here

To apply, you can just attach your CV file to the company’s website by registering in your email or any email you own

After sending the file, you will be asked to enter the name, surname and city in which you currently live in addition to the number to contact you in case of approval or rejection

You can register directly from the company’s website through which you can easily register and we wish you good luck to all

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